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Brit State Cops use attack dogs against Anti-Jab protestors

How long will it be before a former serviceman of Britain’s armed forces take out one of the rainbow nation’s violent but otherwise inept cops? A protest against Covid-19 vaccine passports in Newcastle, England, turned ugly only after state police showed up with horses, batons were drawn and attack dogs, one of which mauled a man who was being tackled and subdued by several officers.

As of Monday, I will officially be a second-class citizen of France

As of Monday, I, like millions of other people living in France, will officially be a second-class citizen. Going to a restaurant, a museum, a concert, a cinema, or a swimming pool, having a drink on a café terrace, boarding a fast train, or visiting a relative in hospital or a home for the elderly, will be allowed only to those who have been fully ‘vaccinated,’ who have recovered from COVID less than 6 months ago, or who can show a negative PCR or a genic test passed less than 48 hours ago.