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Will an armed army revolt prevent the collapse of the United States

An open letter initially signed by 120 retired high-ranking United States military officers warning of an imminent threat to democracy and the Constitution has now grown to 160 signatories. The signatures collected by the Flag Officers 4 America group include retired generals and admirals who have broken their silence over what they see as a ‘conflict’ between supporters of Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty’ engulfing the United States. The letter mirrors an earlier one released before the 2020 elections and signed by 317 retired generals and admirals.

NATO a Cold War relic that has outlived its purpose

NATO will never equal the power of the Russian military because the Washington DC sponsored alliance only serves a propagandistic function, former US Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts tells Russian media. ‘NATO will never match Russian military strength. NATO mainly serves as European approval of US foreign […]

Syria to Clean up America’s Mess

Ten years after Washington DC and Israel fuelled insurrection in Syria, the West still struggles to cope with the collateral damage caused by the regime change that failed. Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod suggested that while the conflict still goes on in some places in Syria, in most parts of the country life is normal and for Syrians prospective healthier than a miserable existence as parasites in Europe. Undoubtedly, Syria is now far safe than it is in many British and American cities.