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Syria to Clean up America’s Mess

Ten years after Washington DC and Israel fuelled insurrection in Syria, the West still struggles to cope with the collateral damage caused by the regime change that failed. Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod suggested that while the conflict still goes on in some places in Syria, in most parts of the country life is normal and for Syrians prospective healthier than a miserable existence as parasites in Europe. Undoubtedly, Syria is now far safe than it is in many British and American cities.

Russia Divorces Europe but Europeans pay the Bill

Russians have finally realised that the Europe they wanted to partner with after the Soviet collapse in 1991 no longer exists. It was predicted that Russia’s post-Soviet generation would embrace a shared identity with Europe. However, polls demonstrate that Russians are rapidly shedding the European identity of their country.

The Prophecies of Vanga

If you are concerned about where our world is heading it would be well to take an interest in Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova (Vanga 1911 – 1996). Vanga lived in Rupite, which straddles the borders of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. It is a place said to be a source of incredible cosmic energy.

Moscow Mocks the West’s Shamocracy

US President Donald Trump was blocked on all major platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, which permanently suspended his account. Ironically, the North Korean style banishment was the result of a ‘Stop the Steal’ demonstration when over one million Americans protested at the scale of election fraud in the United States.