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The Reasons to Worry Just Keep Piling Up for Davos Executives

Russia’s resolve and resurrection as a world power on a par with pre-1917 Imperial Russia is only part of the woes suffered by the hapless gathering of the self-anointed elite gathered at the World Economic Forum. Another migraine is rampant inflation that may be now out of control, a global food crisis and the strong likelihood of social unrest breaking out in Europe and the United States. If attendees at this year’s World Economic Forum came to Davos worried, they left with little to comfort them.

One Thousand Car Parade in Support of Russia after Washington attempts to divide Europeans

A car parade in support of Russia was held in Cologne on Sunday, according to the German magazine Focus. At first, about 150 motorcyclists took part in it, including from the Night Wolves biker club. After that, several hundred cars with Russian flags drove through the streets of the city. According to journalists, over a thousand people took part in the action.

Support for Russia is growing in Europe

Recently, over 900 vehicles with the Russian tricolour flag wended their way through Berlin as the German people showed remarkable solidarity with the Russian draining of the Ukrainian swamp. Was it a soul sentiment as the media-promoted Russophobia is closely related to Germaphobia? Ironically, the current anti-Russian sanctions and hatred is a mirror image of that of the Western powers before the onset of the equally preventable World War II in September 1939.

Washington Drags the American Hearse to the Crematoria

Continued arms deliveries to the Kiev regime could lead the United States and Russia into a direct military confrontation, says Russian Ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov. Earlier, the United States reported that they were supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine and ultra-nationalist formations of Ukraine with anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems, drones, grenade launchers and small arms.

The report of my death was an exaggeration

How does the Russian economy feel under the burden of new unprecedented sanctions? Much better than one might think, notes The Economist. Although the West has effectively unleashed an ‘economic war’ using the Russian special operation in Ukraine as an excuse to curb Russia as a trading power, by banning the supply of a wide range of goods and forcing large companies to leave the Russian market, as well as freezing up to 60% of the foreign reserves of the Russian Central Bank together, it seems that this strategy no longer leads to the desired results. 

Ultra-Nationalists form Suicide Squads and prepare to take civilian hostages with them

The armed forces of the Russian Federation broke through the enemy defences in a number of areas in Ukraine and continued to clean up settlements from nationalist formations. This was stated in the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. According to the agency, the Ukrainian national battalions are suffering serious losses. Due to the disruption of transport communications, their ability to replenish is blocked, the ministry noted.

Europe Dies if War Continues America dies if War Stops

The United States is refusing to participate in efforts to negotiate a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine. Its actions, on the contrary, are aimed at continuing the conflict, according to a retired senior American diplomat who has held many senior positions, including assistant secretary of defense for international affairs. Chas Freeman. In an interview with The Grayzone expressed the opinion that the West, in fact, says that it will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.