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Washington’s Foreign Policy is a threat far greater than anything posed by potential enemies

It should come as no surprise that many are beginning to note that there is something seriously disconnected in the fumbling foreign policy of the United States slavishly followed by the 27 members of the European Union and Britain. The evacuation failure in Afghanistan shattered the already waning self-confidence of the American political elite and no evidence that anyone in the White House is really focused on protecting American interests. Now we have an actual shooting war in Ukraine as a result, a conflict that might easily escalate if Washington continues to send the wrong signals to Moscow.

The First Casualty when war comes is truth

We’re only four days into Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, and yet the propaganda cogs are whirring fast as lightning, churning out ‘news’, opinion and content grist for the media mill. In just the last 48 hours dozens of stories, images, narratives and videos have circulated as being taken from the fighting in Ukraine, a huge percentage of which are fake.

Watch Out, Russia, NATO’s Pink Divisions are on their way

‘LGBT+ rights’ are the most important ‘values and hard-won freedoms’ distinguishing us from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Richard Moore, chief of MI6, the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, wrote on Friday. Moore did not specify if his use of ‘us’ was a reference to the United Kingdom, the Anglosphere, or the broader West.