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The largest city in the world located above the Arctic Circle

Murmansk was completely destroyed during World War II. In terms of the number of German bombs dropped per square meter, it is second only to Stalingrad. Located on the coast of the cold Barents Sea, Murmansk serves today as the main northern gateway of Russia. One of the country’s largest ports, through which it conducts regular trade with the rest of the world, is located here.

Dear Mom, when will this era finally end?

‘This letter is specially directed to you because I can’t share my deepest feelings with anyone. I feel a tremendous need to talk to a loved one about what is almost breaking my heart. We are infantry soldiers right now. That means that eight men shared a six-bed bunker and dispose of a space of one and a half meters by two meters, no door, no light, no stove and a temperature of –15oC or –20oC, under a snowstorm.

Never tell your doctor you’re a Russian

A Ukrainian doctor overseeing the treatment of patients at a mobile hospital in eastern Ukraine has revealed during a television interview that he has ordered the castration of captured Russian soldiers. Speaking to TV host Yevgeny Kiselyov on the Ukraine-24 news channel, Gennadiy Druzenko explained he had given strict orders to disfigure Russian prisoners of war, who he referred to as cockroaches.