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Black Lives Matter raises $10.6 billion since May

A fool and his money are soon parted, as the saying goes: Following death through natural causes (autopsy report suppressed by media) of George Floyd on May 25, the message Black Lives Matter appeared on signs at protests across the world. Streets were painted with the words and they were one of the top searches on Google for 2020. Major corporations and high profile political leaders, even radio stations and television broadcasters bizarrely adopted the slogan to show their support in the fight ‘to end injustice’ and with all this exposure came mega donations to BLM, a grassroots group that popped up in 2013.

Britain Rocks to Huge Anti-Lockdown Protests

Massive crowds which in total number over 100,000 gathered in central London and other British cities on Saturday, November 28 protest lockdown measures designed to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. State-subordinated police followed through on their threats to arrest demonstrators, leading to multiple clashes with peaceful demonstrators.

Is Sweden Emerging from its Slumbers

Ethnicity of suspects, criminals and victims haven’t been mapped in Sweden since 2005 for politically correct reasons. However, a record spike in robberies and a change of tune on immigration from the country’s waking up leadership has spurred the Swedish Crime Prevention Council to reverse its policy.

How Media Spins News to Support the State

Mainstream media’s strategy is to limit protests of national importance to local media. This gives the fake impression that state-subservient media is reporting as is their responsibility. Another strategy is to spin each story in a way that humiliates protestors and reduces the numbers attending to give a false impression that they are a fringe minority.