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Medvedev urges Europeans to topple their regimes and we will hear you

Deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev believes that citizens of European countries are dissatisfied with the policies of their governments. In particular, sanctions against Russia, which, according to him, provoke ‘freezing accommodation’ and ‘empty shelves in stores and refrigerators.’ In this regard, the Europeans should call to account their governments, Medvedev said.

Westminster Regime panics as the Can’t Pay Won’t Pay movement gathers speed

Threat and scare tactics are being spread by state media to discourage citizens attracted to strike against paying soaring energy bills. Amid fast-growing support in the UK for the Don’t Pay movement, which is trying to get the government to back down from raising energy prices, an executive at energy company Utilita warned that refusing to pay their electricity bills would cause ‘all sorts of problems’ for people. 

Brussels kills Europe then points the accusing finger at Moscow

The EU has imposed sanctions on Moscow and closed off supply routes, but bizarrely now blames its gas shortages on Gazprom, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday. ‘Russia is ready to deliver as much gas as the bloc needs if the EU wants to stop ’stepping on rakes,’ Putin explained while visiting Tehran for a summit with the presidents of Iran and Turkey.