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Big Pharma with Media Complicity pay politicians and celebrities massive pay-outs to take fake vaccines to entice the sceptical

Self-Styled elite proved to be ROME: Is the vaccination campaign against Corona a deliberate deception, even a fraud? Yes, says the well-known Italian psychiatrist and criminologist Alessandro Meluzzi. He, therefore, speaks of a criminal offence at the expense of an unsuspecting population, especially those professional groups that are brought into existential distress by the state in order to drive them to vaccinate. But that’s not all: Meluzzi speaks of another fraud in this colossal fraud.

Rising electricity prices could mean the electric car dream was a wet dream

CONSUMERS are reportedly being put off buying electric cars by the continued increases in the price of electricity. With the continued upward trend in electricity prices in Spain, at levels almost never seen before, and reaching the historic levels, exceeding on several occasions in July, those that were registered on January 8 in the middle of storm Filomena, with the recent increases being blamed on international gas prices and CO² emission rights (woolly-headed EU sabotage of economies), which have been driving the upward trend in recent months, together with the lower contribution of renewables into the mix.

UK pupils use orange juice to fake positive Covid test results

Schoolchildren have discovered that applying orange juice to a Covid lateral flow test can generate a fake ‘positive’ result. The phenomenon, which has been verified through an experiment by the Guardian, is not a result of the juice containing the virus. Rather it appears to be linked to its acidity, which essentially breaks the test. The effect has allegedly also been seen with a number of other foods and drinks including ketchup and Coca-Cola.