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Anti-Vaccination Hero Saboteurs Come out of Hiding

A Wisconsin pharmacist spoiled hundreds of doses of vaccine to ‘save’ people from DNA mutation. In Wisconsin, USA, Aurora Health Care pharmacist Stephen Brandenburg deliberately spoiled more than 500 doses of the coronavirus vaccine. He believed that the drug would mutate DNA in humans. This was reported on January 5 by major TV channels.

Death by Government Medical Experiment

Before you opt for a ‘vaccine’ against the mild effects of the Coronavirus, it might be best to learn from history. Throughout history, Western and Soviet governments have managed to keep secrets hidden from the public. When they release these secrets, many are quite surprised and astonished at everything they’ve managed to get away with.

Spectacular Chance to see the Star of Bethlehem

Four days before Christmas, the sky will offer a sight that hasn’t been seen since the Middle Ages and may have inspired one of the Bible’s most famous stories. The two largest planets in the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, will be so close to one another in the sky on Dec. 21 that they will appear to be fused into a single point of light.