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Imperial Germany’s African Queen is still servicing clients

When on December 12, MV Mutambala, a ferry operating on Lake Tanganyika sank in a storm there was little news coverage.  The disaster claimed the lives of up to 150 passengers, mostly women and children.  Strong winds and overloading are said to be the cause of the tragedy.  It is not uncommon for ships operating on Lake Tanganyika to sink, usually for the same reasons. 

The Black Sea Triangle

A seismic shift in the global power struggle between the West and the East has shifted to Central Europe. Russian and NATO military hardware confront each other in what was, until a short time ago, a sea that was of little interest to the rest of us. Happily, for peace, Turkey, the keyholder of the Bosporus has forbidden all military ships from entering the Back Sea.

Meet Ejnar Mikkelsen, The Danish Explorer Who Survived Two Brutal Winters Stranded in The Arctic

After they were abandoned by the rest of their expedition in 1910, Ejnar Mikkelsen and one inexperienced crewmate were forced to spend 28 months alone in the Arctic wilds of Greenland. In 1909, Danish polar explorer Ejnar Mikkelsen set out on a mission to recover the lost maps and journals of a doomed Arctic expedition to the northeast coast of Greenland. But it would take him three years for him to make it back home.

The Loss of 21 Fishermen and a Miracle of One + Free Download Books

One of the fishermen feared dead when a Spanish fishing vessel sank off the Newfoundland coast earlier this week was the sole survivor of another maritime tragedy in Galway Bay over two decades ago. In October 2000, Ricardo Arias Garcia, a native of Marin in Spain, was plucked from the Skerd Rocks in outer Galway Bay by the Irish Coast Guard helicopter operating from Shannon.