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Liberal Left Media is Shrieking Outraged after Putin sabotages their audiences

Netflix lost $50 billion after reporting a loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. Meanwhile, CNN was forced to shut down its unpopular streaming service, CNN+, after only a month. According to Daily Wire host Matt Walsh, media companies refuse to admit that Americans are simply fed up with brainwashing and blame Vladimir Putin for their failures.

The First Casualty of War is Truth

Much of the Western alliance’s Russophobes media publishes stories that are quickly spotted by experts as fake ~ but the critiques are seemingly the preserve of social media. Mainstream has one focus which is to manipulate the minds of viewers, listeners, and readers to respond as the media wants.

QUORA Whites complain about mainstream media’s pernicious race-mixing propaganda

Q: In Britain, non-whites are a small minority. Of these, an even smaller minority have a partner of another race. However, on British TV the vast majority of TV ads that use actual actors, feature mixed-race couples, of all age groups, it’s as if the advertising media is pushing some agenda known only to them. In years past advertisers aimed their ads at their core customers but if your core customers are mixed-race couples, you are truly only aiming at a tiny niche market. It’s so obvious now all viewers are beginning to comment and are asking WHY?

TV channel explains the purchase and destruction of Hitler’s paintings

A controversial TV show will offer its audience a chance to destroy Adolf Hitler’s paintings British Channel 4 confirmed on Friday. According to a Channel 4 spokesperson, the Jimmy Carr Destroys Art debate will represent ‘a thoughtful and nuanced exploration of the limits of free expression in art’ as it will allow the selected and goaded public in a studio to decide on the fate of several pieces.

Sabotage blamed for massive railway disruption in Germany

Damaged – sabotaged communications cables halted rail traffic for nearly three hours in the northern part of the country Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s national railway company, said that an act of sabotage had affected its radio communications network on Saturday morning. The incident brought rail traffic in the northern part of the nation to a standstill and stopped trains to and from Denmark and the Netherlands.

Facebook and US government unite against users with the ‘wrong think’ views

Be careful what you post: Exposed: Social media giant is spying on conservative users and snitching to the feds. It’s been revealed by sources within the US Department of Justice that direct messages sent through Facebook by American users, along with public postings, have been meticulously monitored, and reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) if they express anti-government, anti-authority views, or if they question the legitimacy of the November 2020 presidential election’s outcome.

Is this the most shameless Western Media Fake News Ever

It is beyond belief that some viewers, listeners and readers of Western mainstream media still have a childlike trust in their news media: In early March, European and American media widely published a photo of a pregnant Marianna Vyshemirskaya in front of a destroyed maternity hospital in Mariupol.  The duped peoples of Western Europe were aghast when Western journalists claimed that Russia allegedly attacked the medical facility. 

The Oldest Love Letter

Although 23 years have passed since I missed that telephone call, I never forgot the message left on the answering machine. The caller was one of the world’s most successful balladeers. Charlie Landsborough’s voice was unmistakable as he thanked me for the impact my poetry had on him.