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American arrested for posting stickers accusing Biden of rising prices

In Pennsylvania, situated in the Land of the Free, police have arrested American Thomas Richard Glazewski for putting up satirical stickers with the face of Joe Biden at gas stations, accusing him of rising fuel prices, writes Fox News. As the channel notes, against the backdrop of rising oil prices, stickers with a similar message have become extremely popular in the United States.

Russia mocks Western media over Massive Propaganda Flops

Numerous outlets had suggested that Moscow would invade Ukraine on Wednesday morning. The spokesperson for Russia’s foreign ministry has humorously poured scorn at the propaganda and asked Western disinformation media outlets to publish the future schedule of Moscow’s invasions, after the previous prediction of a military incursion into Ukraine passed without incident.

Canadian Bank freezes Human Rights Protestors Donations

The Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) has announced that it is seizing and redirecting $1.4 million in donations transferred to help those taking part in what America’s most popular TV presenter describes as the greatest human rights protest in a generation. The corporate-owned bank is planning to surrender the money to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice instead.