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Sweden urgently needs an Anti-Madness Vaccine

While deploying troops to assist the police in monitoring the national border controls and upholding the government’s entry ban due to a mutated Covid strain, Sweden freed asylum seekers from the new restrictions for ‘humanitarian reasons’. Migrants are still being encouraged to come to Sweden and spread like a contagion.

Surprise Surprise migrant criminals commit crimes

The Swedish capital endures a cataclysmic 79 percent increase in shootings in 2020. Sweden in total recorded a gut-wrenching surge in gun-related violence last year, according to new figures released by the government amid accusations that authorities have turned a blind eye to rising migrant crime in the country.

Migration and Anti-White Humiliation Robbery

Since Sweden became migrant welcoming, the term ‘humiliation robbery’ has been coined. The term specifically denotes crimes that also feature elements of moral, physical, or sexual torture of ethnic Swedes by non-Europeans, mainly Islamics. The overall spike in violent crime spurred the authorities to rethink its practice of omitting the ethnicity of the perpetrators for ethical reasons.

Culture Killers Target Ancient Europe’s Symbolism

Runes are a set of related scripts predating the adoption of the Latin alphabet and Christianity and used by Germanic and Scandinavian tribes in the early Middle Ages. Today, they remain in use for aesthetic and symbolic purposes. But, Swedish Prosecutor General Petra Lundh wants the historic Tyr rune to be equated with the swastika over its present-day use and covert ‘Nazi messaging’, national broadcaster SVT reported.

Is Sweden Emerging from its Slumbers

Ethnicity of suspects, criminals and victims haven’t been mapped in Sweden since 2005 for politically correct reasons. However, a record spike in robberies and a change of tune on immigration from the country’s waking up leadership has spurred the Swedish Crime Prevention Council to reverse its policy.

Baby Vampires on the Loose in Sweden

Harvesting the unborn children seems to be the latest sick nightmare of Sweden’s liberal caucus. The Swedish Green Party wants to offer free, subsidised, and safe abortions in Sweden to Polish women in response to the Catholic country’s tough abortion laws.

Awesome Power of Media Manipulation

This is and it isn’t a story about Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. It is a story of how corporate media collaborates with the political caste to condition their readership to assist in massive corruption by the political elite. It is important to remember that the plutocracy, sponsored by the banking houses, invest heavily in corporations profiting from climate change-related interests.