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The Right is Right Again

Migration is not needed for growth or prosperity: Domestic industry in Europe’s most conservative anti-migrant nation expanded by 4 percent in the first quarter of 2021 despite the fact that the automotive industry, which has the highest weight and growth potential in Hungary, fell by 3.6 percent. The overall growth spurt despite the slowdown in automobile production shows that right-wing Hungarian industry has a balanced structure and has several strong points.

Put a Bird on that Beat: Producer So Wylie Remixes Nature’s Best Singers

So Wylie learned last year that owl calls are “kind of fire.” Now she is expanding her catchy avian collection.
In November 2020, during a contested election and deadly pandemic, a tiny Saw-whet Owl was rescued from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Being very small (and politically unaffiliated), the owl spawned a minor media sensation. Among those entranced was New York-based music producer So Wylie.