Tag: The Great Replacement

With cities buckling under the pressure of migration, France is looking to relocate thousands of foreigners to the French countryside

Ever since the Macron regime said it would prioritize sending migrants to rural areas, a number of towns have struggled against the construction of migrant centers and planned relocations. Now, a new reception center for asylum seekers is planned to be built in the small and picturesque French town of Beyssenac, which will house 40 migrants where an old archetypal inn had operated.

Mainstream Media bug-pushers want the public to eat ‘delicious’ cicadas, but FDA warns off allergic insect-lovers

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel famously said in 2008, a serious crisis is ’an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.’ : The emergence of the Brood X cicadas from their underground lairs gave the media another shot at its apparent goal of converting the populace to an insect-based diet. But the FDA has warned diners to think before they bite.


The curse of mankind is unquestioned acceptance of one’s enslavement. Throughout history, humans use fellow humans to war on their foes. Wage slaves in debt to banks and taxed 50 per cent of their earnings are used to make products or manage services, to sell at a profit or to serve the profiteering elite.