Tag: The murder of the Ukrainian nation

Europe Dies if War Continues America dies if War Stops

The United States is refusing to participate in efforts to negotiate a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine. Its actions, on the contrary, are aimed at continuing the conflict, according to a retired senior American diplomat who has held many senior positions, including assistant secretary of defense for international affairs. Chas Freeman. In an interview with The Grayzone expressed the opinion that the West, in fact, says that it will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.

Refugees shun Sweden because lawlessness is a greater threat than in Ukraine

Ukrainian refugees are returning to the war-torn country after discovering that Western destinations are more volatile, less predictable and often more violent than in Ukraine. Sweden is becoming known among Ukrainian refugees as a place with frequent shootings. A number of White Christian Ukrainians are reportedly refusing to seek refuge in Sweden over concerns for their safety, it has emerged.

Never tell your doctor you’re a Russian

A Ukrainian doctor overseeing the treatment of patients at a mobile hospital in eastern Ukraine has revealed during a television interview that he has ordered the castration of captured Russian soldiers. Speaking to TV host Yevgeny Kiselyov on the Ukraine-24 news channel, Gennadiy Druzenko explained he had given strict orders to disfigure Russian prisoners of war, who he referred to as cockroaches.

Media Totalitarianism Rules in the Wild West

The media now broadcast only the position of Kyiv, and any alternative opinions are simply not allowed to air, writes Freie Welt. For example, people from Donbass do not have the opportunity to express their position at all. And this media totalitarianism, the newspaper notes, is being imposed by a handful of European and US news agencies that publish fakes. All those who try to expose the fakes are dismissed as ‘enemies of democracy’, ‘dissenters’ and ‘Nazis’.

Washington and Brussels plus the Threat of NATO Expansion Release Hell on Europe

The call came Thursday evening. 72 people, 32 children, 24 of them with psychological or physical injuries, 7 are bedridden, said the voice on the other end of the line. It belonged to Heinz Hilgers, president of the German Child Welfare Association: ‘Time is running out. These children from the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine, who fled with their mothers to Poland, were allowed to enter Germany only if the mayor immediately assumed full responsibility, writes Süddeutsche Zeitung.