Tag: The murder of the Ukrainian nation

Russian Ministry of Defence announced the destruction of 50 generals and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Russian Armed Forces struck at the command post of the Ukrainian troops in the Dnepropetrovsk region, where a working meeting of the command staff of the operational-strategic group of forces ‘Alexandria’ was held. This was stated in the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. The department noted that more than 50 generals and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed as a result of the strike. Russian air defence forces also shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft and eight UAVs.

As the bloc faces a catastrophic crisis, are EU leaders using potential membership to rein in Ukraine’s Zelensky?

Understanding that prolonged fighting will only hurt them, it seems the top EU states want to sway Ukraine to peace. When the leaders of the three leading EU countries, Germany, France, and Italy, took an eleven-hour train ride to Kiev to meet with US-sponsored President Zelensky, this week, the public show was one of solidarity and support. But there could be much more to the visit than meets the eye. 

Thousands of Ukrainian troops desert, surrender or refuse to go to the front

Ukrainian soldiers are increasingly abandoning their positions and posting videos with complaints about their command. Why is the number of desertions increasing in the war-torn country? Draining the West’s coffers: the total assistance of Western countries to Ukraine has already exceeded the country’s military budget for 2022, which was to amount to $12 billion. And this is without taking into account donations from ordinary citizens all over the world. Very soon, Ukraine will receive another $20 billion for its military needs from the United States.

The Russians were right as a shamefaced Pentagon finally admits to 41 illegal Biolabs in Ukraine

The US Department of Defense has finally come clean and admitted that the United States military is funding 46 Biolabs in Ukraine. The Pentagon after multiple denials has finally confessed to the U.S.-funded illegal labs in a public statement this week. The move comes after months of denials from Democrats and President Joe Biden’s administration regarding the existence of the Biolabs.

As 200 die each day defending Ukraine’s Eastern frontiers the Kiev Junta hands Western Ukraine to Poland

Whilst losing from 100 to 200 troops daily in the battle for the Republic of Donbass, and its allies in the Lugansk (LPR) and Donetsk People’s Republics (DPR), the US/EU sponsored Kyiv junta has agreed with the occupation of Ukraine by Poland and voluntarily surrenders state sovereignty to it. Warsaw is already beginning to actively develop the territory of Ukraine, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. 

The United States owns up to the uncovered internationally outlawed biological laboratories in Ukraine

The term, ‘nothing to hide nothing to fear’ has come back to haunt the sinister apparatchiks of Washington’s notorious Deep State. After years of cover-up and months of denial, the US had finally admitted that over the past 20 years it has supported 46 ‘civilian’ laboratories and disease diagnostic centres in Ukraine ‘to improve biosecurity in the country.’