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There are a lot of their corpses here, one tried to escape in a woman’s dress (AUDIO)

Prigozhin answered Zelensky about the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut: ‘There are a lot of their corpses here, one tried to escape in a woman’s dress’ (AUDIO). Yevgeny Prigozhin, the military guru of PMC Wagner, responded to Ukrainian President Zelensky’s statement that Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) had not been taken, and that the Ukrainian military was still present in some areas of the city.

The party is over for Zelensky as supporters turn lukewarm on Ukraine

Supporters of Ukraine are no longer hoping for a victory, French publicist Jacques Guillemain writes in the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet: It has become clear that, apart from the mainstream media’s pro-Kiev propaganda, there is no one left who has any reasonable hope for success in the Ukrainian offensive. What can 200 stone-age tanks do against the Russian BMPT Terminators? What is the old Soviet-era MiG-29s worth up against MiG-35 fighters and fifth-generation Su-57s?

Millions of Euros sent for Help for Ukraine went to scammers

The Estonian Prosecutor General’s Office has launched an investigation into the activities of a woman who, just a few months ago, was proclaimed a national heroine. Johanna-Maria Lehtme collected millions of euros from innocent Estonians allegedly ‘to help the Ukrainians.’ However, the money collected by Lehtme, apparently, went to completely different people. 

Hersh spoke about the silence of the West on the leakage of weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the black market

The West believes that weapons supplied to Ukrainian troops end up on the international black market, but their media is silent about this, said American journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh. Months after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, according to the journalist, there were huge concerns, including about the resale of man-portable elite missile systems that are capable of shooting down planes at a considerable height.