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Can the Whacky West get any Whackier

Finally, after concerned ethnic Europeans were condemned as racist and ‘conspiracy theorists’ for stating the glaring obvious it is finally admitted – yes, it is official and so approved by elected officials/public employees that almost all the gun violence in San Francisco is committed by non-whites.

Media’s Leftist journalists desperately conceal Biden’s gaffes from their audiences

This is the same media who for the last four years enthusiastically pounced on every slight misstep by a Republican President. It’s no secret the left-wing media abruptly lose interest in covering presidential gaffes when Democrats take the White House. Well, they’re doing it again: over the past few months, liberal cable and broadcast news networks have utterly ignored a slew of mistakes and fumbles by President Biden.

Our Lord and the Devil

This is a battle between Our Lord and the devil’: Doctor-nun slams forced vaccines, communism.
Sister Deidre Byrne, M.D., a retired U.S. Army officer and graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Medicine said the push to force everyone to receive abortion-tainted COVID-19 shots ‘has a diabolic flavour to it.’