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As 200 die each day defending Ukraine’s Eastern frontiers the Kiev Junta hands Western Ukraine to Poland

Whilst losing from 100 to 200 troops daily in the battle for the Republic of Donbass, and its allies in the Lugansk (LPR) and Donetsk People’s Republics (DPR), the US/EU sponsored Kyiv junta has agreed with the occupation of Ukraine by Poland and voluntarily surrenders state sovereignty to it. Warsaw is already beginning to actively develop the territory of Ukraine, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. 

The United States owns up to the uncovered internationally outlawed biological laboratories in Ukraine

The term, ‘nothing to hide nothing to fear’ has come back to haunt the sinister apparatchiks of Washington’s notorious Deep State. After years of cover-up and months of denial, the US had finally admitted that over the past 20 years it has supported 46 ‘civilian’ laboratories and disease diagnostic centres in Ukraine ‘to improve biosecurity in the country.’ 

Go ahead, Kiev, make my day

MOSCOW, June 2. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that if Ukraine uses American supplied MLRS against Russian targets, the Russian Armed Forces will have no choice but to act to defeat decision-making centres. He explained what kind of centres he is talking about, in particular, this will affect the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of Ukraine.