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Biden, not Putin is a Disaster for the Dollar says Goldman Sachs of Wall Street and the European Central Bank

The United States and its European cohorts have deprived the Russian Central Bank of access to foreign reserves, which threatens to stop other countries from using the dollar, analysts at Goldman Sachs write in a research note. As Insider argues, countries are concerned about the abusive power such widespread use of the dollar gives the US, and investors might take that seriously, too.

The End of Dollar Dominance and Catastrophe for the Euro

‘When will the Russian ruble be tied to gold? It’s a matter of time (perhaps it has already happened). The Central Bank of Russia already announced a few days ago that it was buying up gold at a fixed price. The tax on the purchase of gold by individuals has been abolished. You don’t have to be a top-level financial analyst to understand where all this is leading up to.