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Zelensky gets political guidance from Joe Biden and military advice from his 9-year-old son

What could possibly go wrong? Zelensky gets political guidance from Joe Biden and military advice from his 9-year-old son. The wife of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Elena Zelenskaya, spoke openly with her children about the Ukrainian crisis, writes the Daily Mail. According to Zelenskaya, her nine-year-old son advises his father on military matters.

Sad for Ukraine but sad for Westerners too

Commenting on over a decade of lies told to the now bereft people of Ukraine, Maria Zakharova was at her caustic best. In a sharp rebuke to the Brussels cult, her stinging remarks directed at the shameless duplicitous whores of Europe’s parliaments are a reminder to all Europeans that the mindset of political deceit is not only deceiving the Ukrainians but themselves and their families.

Mercenaries Trapped in Ukraine face capital punishment

DONETSK, May 27 The Prosecutor General’s Office of the DPR has completed the investigation into the criminal case of foreign mercenaries from Great Britain, Poland and Morocco, they may face the death penalty, Viktor Gavrilov, head of the department for investigating crimes against peace and human security of the republic’s Prosecutor General’s Office, told RIA Novosti.

The Reasons to Worry Just Keep Piling Up for Davos Executives

Russia’s resolve and resurrection as a world power on a par with pre-1917 Imperial Russia is only part of the woes suffered by the hapless gathering of the self-anointed elite gathered at the World Economic Forum. Another migraine is rampant inflation that may be now out of control, a global food crisis and the strong likelihood of social unrest breaking out in Europe and the United States. If attendees at this year’s World Economic Forum came to Davos worried, they left with little to comfort them.