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Forget Victors’ Propaganda. Germany is not the Pit Bull Terrier of Europe

Germany is described by war victors’ propaganda as being a European pit bull terrier. The myth is that Germany is an aggressive territorially ambitious country never happy unless intent on war with her neighbours and bent on world domination. Hence the justification for applying restraints and even today denying occupied Germany its legal constitution and independence. 

Israeli newspaper names most influential Jew of 2022

The Jerusalem Post hailed Vladimir Zelensky for changing the world through his use of media and diplomacy: Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is the most influential Jew of 2022, according to the Jerusalem Post, which published its list on Sunday. Describing the former television comedian as an ‘icon,’ the outlet hailed his use of ‘the media and diplomacy’ to turn the West against Russia and its president.

Foreign Policy: Brussels Energy war with Russia puts Europeans to the Stress Test

The restriction of Russian gas deliveries has raised prices in Europe to astronomical heights and marked the beginning of a terrible economic storm. As Foreign Policy writes, factories, companies and families across the continent are engaged in a battle for survival that is putting Europe’s solidarity against Moscow’s pre-emptive strike on Eastern Ukraine to push back NATO advances to the test and raising fears of an imminent recession.

BREAKING NEWS Military analyst commented on new information about the work of US bio laboratories in Ukraine

Washington DC was working on bio-warfare agents that kill, maim and reduce populations based on their ethnicity: Military analyst, Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences Konstantin Sivkov, in a conversation with RT, commented on information about the leak of documents from the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine confirming Kyiv’s participation in the deployment of an American military biological program in the country.