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Refugees shun Sweden because lawlessness is a greater threat than in Ukraine

Ukrainian refugees are returning to the war-torn country after discovering that Western destinations are more volatile, less predictable and often more violent than in Ukraine. Sweden is becoming known among Ukrainian refugees as a place with frequent shootings. A number of White Christian Ukrainians are reportedly refusing to seek refuge in Sweden over concerns for their safety, it has emerged.

Never tell your doctor you’re a Russian

A Ukrainian doctor overseeing the treatment of patients at a mobile hospital in eastern Ukraine has revealed during a television interview that he has ordered the castration of captured Russian soldiers. Speaking to TV host Yevgeny Kiselyov on the Ukraine-24 news channel, Gennadiy Druzenko explained he had given strict orders to disfigure Russian prisoners of war, who he referred to as cockroaches.

No one will get out of there alive says a German volunteer about the fate of the foreign legion in Ukraine

Most of the foreign fighters who come to fight for Kyiv have no combat experience, ex-German soldier Peter, who also volunteered for Ukraine, told Heute. And then they are sent to the front to ‘sacrifice like cannon fodder.’ In addition, guys younger than 20 years old are fighting on the side of the Ukrainian authorities, the ex-Bundeswehr soldier said: ‘It will end in disaster.’


Today I killed my brother,
Or was it other time?
For clock hands move no longer,
When the death is not of thine.
Had be been another’s boy,
Would it not matter much,
For if I kill your brother,
It doesn’t seem as such,

To take a life but brother’s death,
Is like you take your own,
It is a Civil War they said,
When hearts are made of stone.

Europe in Crisis as Prices Soar and EU Regimes told to Focus on Domestic, not Russia-Ukraine Problems

Huge numbers of truck drivers have gathered in Cologne to protest high petrol prices, according to the German newspaper Express. As the German Freight Transport and Logistics Association warns, the situation is now much tougher than with the coronavirus: Germany is looming over the worst supply crisis in 70 years, which will mean partly empty supermarket shelves.