Month: October 2020

The Eve of the Dead Souls

Every year in late October, when nature is almost ready for the winter and days shorten considerably, marks the end of autumn as everything falls deeper into hibernation. Along with the fog gates to the other world are opened and it is time to expect our ancestral spirits. Hosting the feast for the dead at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia is a tradition on this Eve and celebrated by singing in honour of our ancestors together with folk groups.

Awesome Power of Media Manipulation

This is and it isn’t a story about Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. It is a story of how corporate media collaborates with the political caste to condition their readership to assist in massive corruption by the political elite. It is important to remember that the plutocracy, sponsored by the banking houses, invest heavily in corporations profiting from climate change-related interests.

Automaton for Marie Antoinette and exclusive mechanisms

Sublime Dreams of Living Machines. Part I. Not so long ago, a short video of a truly uncanny dulcimer-playing wind-up automaton made for Marie Antoinette in 1784 appeared online. The queen was no stranger to extravagance, we know, but why this machine, this wonderful human-like machine, which must have taxed the greatest artisans and mechanics of her time? What was its appeal?