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Liverpool born poet and writer Michael Walsh traces his Liverpool roots back to 1865. This was the year his Irish great-grandmother arrived in the Second City of Empire. His parents were born at the turn of what was to become the most tumultuous century in history. Michael's father, Patrick, fought in three major conflicts before reaching his fortieth birthday. His mother, Kathleen, was a former nun turned gun-running renegade.
On leaving school at 15 years of age, Michael spent 12 weeks at the Merchant Navy School for Sailors in Sharpness, Gloucestershire. During his years at sea, he was to visit and work in over 60 countries.
The journalist and broadcaster since provided articles and columns for numerous magazines and international news media. In 2011 he was awarded Writer of the Year by the publishers of Euro Weekly News, Europe's highest-circulation newspaper of its kind. He has authored, edited and ghosted over 65 book titles.

Feel Passion Live Hungary

I have been going to football games all my life. But this was the most intense and uplifting experience I have ever had at a game. The game is in Budapest. It is Hungary vs. France. But it is more than just another Euro 2020 match.

What the Democrats are doing by dividing this nation over race is not just about winning elections its worse.

By now many of us have read or heard Xi Van Fleet give her comments, about the Chinese cultural revolution & critical race theory, in front of the Loudon County School Board. This video (embedded in article) takes it to the next level. Xi, very clearly and coherently, lays out the stunning similarities of what occurred in China and what is occurring in our country and schools. What the Democrats are doing by dividing this nation over race is not just about winning elections its worse. Obama said he was going to fundamentally change this country. It’s happening folks. This will not pass if Americans stay silent.

The Covid Charade is Over

As many graphics show ~ but are never published in corporate pro-regime media, the world has been subject to an elaborate marketing scheme perpetrated by billionaires, drug companies, NGOs like the World Health Organisation, greedy salesmen posing as elected representatives and all their mandarins, officers and lackeys, ‘just following orders’, too scared for their jobs to actually protect the people in their care and do the duty they believed they were once signing up for. Millions know the truth.

The Rise of the Sun Wheel

In the late 1970s, the then STAR newspaper described Michael Walsh as ‘Britain’s most dangerous man’. Unless one can identify with the mindset of a far-left journalist it is impossible to figure out why such an extreme expression.