Month: November 2021

European Union’s European Commission Bans Christmas

From the 28th December, Day of Hannukah, European officials were advised not to use terms such as ‘Christmas’, ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’ and other words that might seem offensive to people of different cultures, religions and sexual orientations in their speeches. This edict is stated in the ‘Handbook for Inclusive Communication’ published by the unelected European Commission.

1960s Skiffle Hit could hit the top of the Charts Again

My Old Man’s a Dustman was one of Britain’s greatest hit recordings. The song was first recorded by the British skiffle singer Lonnie Donegan. It reached number one in the British, Irish, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand singles charts in 1960. Now, using the original melody with even more eye-watering lyrics and the new version is set to tumble anti-Vaccine records. VIDEO