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A Leopard in Liverpool + Free Download Book

Prolific writer, editor and ghost-writer of over 60 book titles, Michael Walsh never authored a fictional novel ~ until now. The ‘until now’ is flexible. It was during the 1990s when, down to his last brass cent, he wondered if salvation might come via a blockbuster novel. Michael began work on Retribution, later re-titled The Leopard in Liverpool.


MICHAEL WALSH OP-ED: WELCOME to what appears to be the beginning of the end. There are signs that one of the biggest but shortest government-exploited scams is about to burn out. Cracks are appearing in corporate media coverage. Indeed, cracks in the Covid Lies are appearing everywhere and are breaking down under their own weight.

Making Money and Mirth at The Dovetails Hotel

Novels are often more effective than truth. Lady Antonia Fraser, a renowned expert wrote extensively on England’s royal dynasties. Her factual history books though acclaimed were not best-sellers. Instead, the writer then told the stories of England’s kings and queens as novels. A smart move for her ‘fictional’ books became overnight successes.