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The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there

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The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there, surmised the English writer Leslie Poles Hartley (1895-1972). At the time of the great novelist’s passing to his Maker, I had been caught up in the struggle for White rights for four years.

Things were different back then; there was no internet and in groups, we street-fighters fanned out shoving flyers we bought ourselves through house letterboxes in street after street. Many of these young people were unemployed. Today, thanks to the internet from the comfort of our homes so no fear of raindrops we can send out a news story to thousands faster than I could walk up one house driveway back in 1968.

In less than a year I will have been battling for 55-years for White Rights. During those years, I was repeatedly fined or arrested. In 1979 I received 6 x 4-month prison sentences at Mold Crown Court in Wales for distributing leaflets that correctly prophesied the population replacement of Britain’s native population. 

It has been a far from an easy struggle in which the odds were stacked against me and my comrades and friends, many of whom are no longer with us. Some died in action, in street fights.


A question: what would I say was my most challenging difficulty? The greatest challenge in my fifty-year long struggle has been to secure sufficient financial support to keep me with a roof over my head let alone carry the struggle forward. I did a day job and contributed part of my wages to the struggle when others were buying homes and taking their families on holidays.

Others who work as hard tell me of similar hardships. We activists are constantly running on empty whilst rattling our alms tins. Our supporters have turned their most influential hard-working leaders into beggars.

Beyond all comprehension is the miserliness of a beleaguered ethnic group that has the temerity to mock Jewish meanness. This is a myth: the Jews, to their credit, win mastery and security despite their far fewer numbers because they swarm together. Had I been Jewish, I would never have known isolation or financial struggle.

As many know, of advanced years I get by on a British pension. It is reportedly the second-lowest pension in the EU. A shameful fact: That meagre pension and my wife’s part-time income also supports those who benefit free of charge from our free book downloads and our news platform’s news stories but who shamefully never donate a brass cent.

Surely, this is a nomination for the Guinness Book of Records under the heading: ‘the world’s most thinly stretched pension.’ 

Some do donate: Of these stalwarts, some of them over years, remain the few ‘defenders of our modern Thermopylae.’ Last year Europe Renaissance received nearly 150,000 visitors of whom hardly more than a dozen supporters (read that as many times as you like) helped out financially. There you have it: A pensioner and a dozen others some of whom are pensioners themselves supporting 149,988 freeloaders. Good going!

The last irony: contributing as little as £10 (€10 / $15) as a one-off donation or as a monthly standing order is as easy if not easier than making an online purchase.

If your backside hurts from sitting on the fence perhaps you could contact Michael at or Simply invite: ‘bank account details.’ Then on receipt go online and send what you can. By nature I lead by example; I am not a baby-sitter. We are simply not going to make an impact unless everything we do is a team effort.

Kindly do not accuse me of asking for charity as the term implies receiving something for nothing. I work 16-hour days for 7-days a week for my ‘charity’.  Pay for the flowers now rather than as tributes after I have gone.

The recipients of charity are, of course, those who are the free recipients of the fruits of the labours of others. ~ Michael Walsh: White Rights Veteran


RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL Mike Walsh-McLaughlin. The charismatic leader of the 1960s-1980s legendary British (National Socialist) Movement. Relive the rallies, marches, street fighting, organisation, learn from a training manual for future fighters, gaol time, international campaigns, smuggling dissident literature. Michael Walsh and his Leader Guard were the last National Socialists to address mass crowds at Trafalgar Square and East London’s Brick Lane. Discover a still fighting revolutionary veteran who built Europe’s finest revolutionary party of ethnic-socialists since WWII. 

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    • Yes, my father was a hero and inspired my masculinity but my mother inspired my love of music, literature and romance. I was very fortunate.


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