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‘Cash is printed freedom’ – 530,000 Austrians demanded the right to cash payments be added to the constitution, but they are being betrayed, says the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ). A world without cash would lead to financially incapacitated citizens, argues the powerful political contender for state leadership.

Europeans will become a minority in their own countries warns best-selling South African writer

Europeans don’t realize one day they will become a minority in their own countries, warns best-selling South African writer Ernst Roets in an interview with media. Then it will be too late. He says is surprised by how open Europeans are to mass immigration. He warns that the demographic consequences will be enormous, including Europeans becoming a minority in their own countries.

Spain’s Far Left is thrashed at the elections promising a Right-Wing Government from July

After the Spanish left’s crushing defeat in local elections, Pedro Sánchez called for snap elections on July 23. Spain, which has had Europe’s most radical leftist coalition government in recent years, is the latest EU country to shift to the right. Spaniards voted on Sunday, May 28 to elect their regional and municipal assemblies. The results that came out of the ballot boxes do not bode well for Pedro Sánchez’s governing coalition of socialists, far-left populists, and communists.

Target stores hit with bomb threats over LGBTQ move

The Target, an American retailer recently pulled a range of transgender-related products. Target stores in at least three US states have received bomb threats after management removed LGBTQ merchandise following a backlash from conservative shoppers. One message accused the retailer of being cowards who turned their back on the LGBT community.