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The Suicide of Germany. Elderly plunge into poverty as the Berlin regime spends €36 billion on migrants in 2023 alone

Senior citizens are sent out to pasture as the German government welcomes its new generation of migrant workers. As Germany vows to continue spending heavily on its liberal migration policy – more than €36 billion in 2023 alone – an increasing number of the country’s senior citizens are reported to be at a growing risk of poverty.

Hundreds of thousands of Russian speakers will be expelled’: Latvia plans to deport people for not knowing Lettish

LATVIA In this tiny Baltic State lives a few hundred thousand million speakers of a near-dead language called Lettish. A massive 40% of the 1.9 million Latvians are ethnic Russian most of whom were born in Latvia. Like others, these ethnic Russians had their own schools, churches and culture # but otherwise contributed enormously to the Latvian economy and lifestyle.

A British Prime Minister and a Pakistani PM Complain about too many Whites

SCOTLAND’S Pakistani Prime Minister complains that too many top positions are occupied by White people.
It is predicted that the native British, certainly those of English stock will be a minority in their own country by the time today’s newly born reach their 35th birthday. I consider the downfall of Western man will come much quicker. Indeed, population replacement has already taken place in the great cities of England.