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Police under surveillance for right-wing extremist tendencies in policing migrant neighbourhood

In the city of Dortmund, police officers from the troubled multicultural Wache Nord station say they have experienced increased levels of repression, including from their own police officials simply for doing their job. The police are told not to control the migrant population there, even as businesses and locals complain about open-air drug markets and routine violence.


Special Report: Identified by their preference for shaved heads and dress code the skinhead phenomena of the 1970s attracted some scorn from the more conventional types. The skinhead’s style of dress identified skinhead youngsters as being aligned with the patriotic White and Right.

Hundreds of thousands of Russian speakers will be expelled’: Latvia plans to deport people for not knowing Lettish

LATVIA In this tiny Baltic State lives a few hundred thousand million speakers of a near-dead language called Lettish. A massive 40% of the 1.9 million Latvians are ethnic Russian most of whom were born in Latvia. Like others, these ethnic Russians had their own schools, churches and culture # but otherwise contributed enormously to the Latvian economy and lifestyle.