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Big Pharma Mess Up and Taxpayers Compensate Big Pharma’s Unwilling Victims

Something to reflect on. The population of Australia at 25 million is small. There are at least five cities in the world with populations greater than the population of Australia. Approximately 79,000 people have reported an adverse reaction to COVID vaccines. At least 10,000 people are planning to file a claim under the federal government’s no-fault indemnity scheme. Vaccine injuries may be severely underreported.

The Dead Man’s Scandal

Covid profiteering Press barons encourage editors and journo scribblers to chortle on the rare occasion an anti-vaxxer dies of what they claim is Covid-19 (flu). However, when tens of thousands die of vaccinitus after the Genocide Jab, including hundreds of super-healthy sports professionals, the media keeps quiet about those who took the ‘cyanide pill’.