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Kaminski: New World

It ain’t over ’til it’s over. 7+ billion is a lot of souls to dispense with and out of that number we only need a small fraction to change this war of words and ideas and propaganda into a traditional boots on the ground type war where the weaponry is no longer semantic but severely pragmatic. It will finally put Anarchism to the test. Real anarchism that is. They are few and they depend upon a system that still remains their Achille’s Heel when the shit really hits the fan.


Originally posted on Europe Renaissance:
Looking at the sculptures, covered with the thinnest marble veil, one ponders: How to sculpt the thinnest, transparent fabric from a block of solid stone? A truly divine gift of brilliant artists and sculptors allows you to convey in stone the tenderness and…

White Replacement accelerates but you were warned

SPAIN is in the lethal grip of a far-left George Soros sponsored regime. The writing is on the wall and for your convenience is written in clear English. Perhaps, as George Orwell surmised, ‘some need to have the backs to the wall, maybe with an African’s knife at their throat, before they see the writing on the wall.