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Climate hysteria of the elites plunges Germany into an economic crisis

Due to high taxes and energy prices, businesses are fleeing Germany, according to Die Welt. 96% of German entrepreneurs are convinced that deindustrialization has already begun in the country. But the elites in Berlin are engulfed in moralizing and climate hysteria. They don’t care about anything but protecting the environment. And this will inevitably lead to economic disaster, warns the media.

Ambassador Marks NATO’s Illegal 1999 Aggression Against Serbia

The Serbian Ambassador in Moscow has marked NATO’s Illegal 1999 Aggression Against Serbia with a service in the Russian Church Eternal Memory to the victims of the tragedy. On the 24th of March at the Metochion of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Moscow, Bishop Anthony of Moravica, its rector, held a memorial service for those Serbs killed in the 1999 NATO bombing, and for all peaceful victims of NATO aggression.

France must drastically reduce immigration or become a Third World country, says the former head of intelligence agency

‘Every year we accept 450,000 people who have not contributed a cent to the infrastructure they will use from day one’: It is not the first time former DGSE director and former ambassador Pierre Brochand has made public calls for a complete change to immigration policies while warning against France becoming poorer and possibly descending into civil war.

North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) is not a Defensive Bloc

NATO is not a defensive bloc at all, but only a tool of the American power elites to advance their own interests. This statement was made by a former member of the Swedish Parliament and a former UN employee, Roger Richthoff, in an interview with the SwebbTV portal. The entry of Sweden and Finland into the North Atlantic Alliance will not strengthen the security of Europe, but, on the contrary, will increase the degree of tension in the region, which is already happening.

Washington’s Choice of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz faces tax fraud probe

The German chancellor will be investigated for allegedly helping a Jewish-owned bank hold onto millions of ill-gotten euros. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will be investigated by parliament for his alleged role in helping the Hamburg-based Warburg Bank avoid repaying $48 million in illegal tax refunds. Scholz has already been probed for his possible links to the affair, and as expected his party insists the latest investigation is politically-motivated.