Woke Ladybird Children’s Book thought about the political correctness of the heroes of fairy tales

In classic fairy tales, there is not enough diversity in characters: the main characters are blue-eyed and fair-haired, the villains are old, love happens at first sight, and the princess, when she sees the prince, immediately takes him for a man and refers to him with a masculine pronoun. According to the Daily Mail, this worries experts at Ladybird Books, who have decided to rewrite fairy tales in the spirit of modern trends.

Forgotten  Victims of Gender Violence

Quietly eloquent, my friend told me of his suicide bid that had been foiled by the unforeseen appearance of a passer-by. The near tragedy was the consequence of his being subjected to months of monosyllabic conversation and long periods of silence by his then-wife. It was not manic depression on her part; with friends and family, she maintained bright and breezy chitchat.

QUORA Whites complain about mainstream media’s pernicious race-mixing propaganda

Q: In Britain, non-whites are a small minority. Of these, an even smaller minority have a partner of another race. However, on British TV the vast majority of TV ads that use actual actors, feature mixed-race couples, of all age groups, it’s as if the advertising media is pushing some agenda known only to them. In years past advertisers aimed their ads at their core customers but if your core customers are mixed-race couples, you are truly only aiming at a tiny niche market. It’s so obvious now all viewers are beginning to comment and are asking WHY?