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Why Marine le Pen’s bid for presidential office will fail

In 1979, the British far-right anti-immigrant party National Front was poised to make massive gains in the general election. Tory Party contender Margaret Thatcher, disregarding the fact that more migrants had poured into the UK under Conservative party office than Labour made an anti-immigration speech that anti-migrant Enoch Powell would have applauded. Consequently, the Tory swept in – and so did millions of migrants.

A Government Minister Paki-Bashes himself

Scotland’s health secretary wasn’t impressed when a BBC editor posted a video from the Scottish parliament, in which the already-injured Pakistani-passport holder (Scottish National Party (SNP) government minister trips over the wheel of his scooter. A classic example of a Paki bashing himself. It didn’t stop the clip from going viral.

This Red September there is no Fuhrer and his Stormtroopers to save Germany from the Abyss

Protest bans, property seizures, and a move away from the market-based free enterprise will characterise a new left-wing German government, according to German historian Reiner Zitelmann. For the first time since the early 1920s when party activists of Hitler’s NSDAP parties battled to prevent the Bolshevik seizure of post-World War I Germany the Reds are on the brink of seizure of the Bundestag. History is not likely to repeat itself as Adolf Hitler, the NSDAP and the Germans with enough backbone to prevent a Communist seizure has gone on the winds of time.

Snouts are snorting at Pigminster

A nauseating 40 titled members of the notorious House of Lords in Westminster dubbed Pigminster are reported to the authorities; but don’t expect a resolution in favour of cash-strapped migrant-mauled Brits as the so-called watch dogs are all in the same pigsty.