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Holodomors and Wars to Ethnically Cleanse Christian Ukraine

HISTORY AGAIN REPEATS: Following World War II the population of the defeated German Reich as a deliberate allied policy was reduced by 14 million. The grim toll included millions of mostly but not exclusively German males of child-producing age. Prisoners of war, in defiance of the International Cross and Geneva Convention, were held abroad and worked as slaves until 1948 and beyond.

Protesters in Milan demanded to stop arming Ukraine

ROME, December 4 – EUROPE RENAISSANCE. A procession was held in the centre of Milan to protest against the sending of Italian weapons to the Ukrainian one-party state and the expansion of anti-Russian sanctions, Amedeo Avondet, one of the organizers of the action, a representative of the United Italy political organization, told RIA Novosti.

For most it is war misery but for the Monaco Battalion it is Gucci

Since the beginning of Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine, the United States, the European Union and their allies have provided Kyiv with $126 billion worth of aid, a number almost equal to the country’s entire GDP. Moreover, millions of Ukrainians have found refuge in the EU where they were given housing, food, work permits, and emotional support. The scope is huge, even by western standards. Considering that the bloc has been funding Kyiv while coping with an economic and energy crisis of its own, the assistance is perhaps especially notable.