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Artur Pawlowski’s son must not be fined or jailed for protecting kids from Drag Queens

The son of pastor Artur Pawlowski could be facing massive fines and jail time after he preached Bible verses outside a drag queen story time held at a public library over the weekend. Nathaniel Pawlowski was detained and ticketed on Saturday by Calgary Police Service (CPS) because they claied he was preaching too close to the drag event, in an apparent violation of a new and oppressive bylaw.

Persecution of Christians Rampant in US-Sponsored Kiev

While the ruling clique in Kiev, in their obedient dance to the tunes of their Western sponsors is busy kicking out the Orthodox Christian clergy and monks from the most ancient and prominent monastery of the entire Orthodox world, a remarkable fact, scarcely mentioned even by the impartial observers, calls for your attention.

Singing in Church is Huge Part of Russian Christianity, Profile of one of Russia’s Greatest Choirs (VIDEO)

The Moscow Synodal Choir was founded in 1721 and is now the oldest professional choir in Russia. In fact, its origins can be traced further back to 1589, when the first professional church choir was formed, then known as the Patriarchal for it was the choir, which used to sing at the church services officiated by the Patriarch. Patriarch was the top position in the Church hierarchy in Russia well up to 1700, when the Russian reformist Tzar Peter the Great reformed the church administrative system.