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Pro-life marches take 12 Croatian cities by storm, the largest turnout in the capital of Zagreb

You won’t see this on television news. The pro-life movement is growing in Croatia, writes Croatian journalist Goran Andrijanić, who currently lives in Poland. In the past few weeks, Marches for Life have been held in 12 Croatian cities, with these events designed to draw attention to the need for the protection of life from conception to natural death. The demonstrations were organized by several pro-life non-governmental organizations, with the largest one being ‘In the Name of the Family.’


The recently disclosed Epstein’s private calendar reveals planned meetings with Obama admin official, CIA chief. Jeffrey Epstein’s newly-revealed private calendar showed scheduled meetings with the current CIA director, a college president and one of Washington’s top attorneys who served in the Obama administration, according to a report published Sunday.

Ambassador Marks NATO’s Illegal 1999 Aggression Against Serbia

The Serbian Ambassador in Moscow has marked NATO’s Illegal 1999 Aggression Against Serbia with a service in the Russian Church Eternal Memory to the victims of the tragedy. On the 24th of March at the Metochion of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Moscow, Bishop Anthony of Moravica, its rector, held a memorial service for those Serbs killed in the 1999 NATO bombing, and for all peaceful victims of NATO aggression.

Brussel’s deep state is trying to punish Hungary for caring for children

A number of EU member states supported a lawsuit filed earlier by the European Commission against Hungary in connection with the country’s child protection law, which prohibits LGBT propaganda among minors. As the political adviser to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Balazs Orbán, said in an interview with the channel, this lawsuit is an attempt by the deep state of Brussels to punish Budapest for resisting the ideology of ‘pro-Buddhism’, which the media and NGOs are trying to spread in the country.


Why is it that seemingly normal people turn into zombies as soon as they slip into a uniform? There are exceptions and fondly recalled are the ships officers I served under. These real men were of an officer class whose rank never went to their heads, nor did they ever abuse their authority.

The Decadent West at its Worst: Furious viewers complain about TV Show with adult men stripping naked for children

The first episode of ‘Naked Education,’ which aired last week on Channel 4, received a total of 930 complaints to Britain’s broadcasting watchdog. A British television show aiming to promote body positivity showed adult men stripping naked in front of children. The program has been the subject of hundreds of complaints to the U.K.’s communications watchdog following the airing of its first episode last Tuesday.

France must drastically reduce immigration or become a Third World country, says the former head of intelligence agency

‘Every year we accept 450,000 people who have not contributed a cent to the infrastructure they will use from day one’: It is not the first time former DGSE director and former ambassador Pierre Brochand has made public calls for a complete change to immigration policies while warning against France becoming poorer and possibly descending into civil war.