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British forced surrendering German Troops into cages in Belgian Zoos

When the British troops took the Belgian city of Antwerp, hitherto held by the Germans, they found that they did not have a suitable place to keep the prisoners locked up. After searching unsuccessfully for a cinema or theatre that could serve as a prison, the British realized that the zoo was empty, since, it was said, the hungry population had eaten most of the animals. Thus, the zoo was soon filled with new occupants. The six thousand prisoners who were to be accommodated there were distributed by category; The officers, the Belgian fascists and the citizens who had collaborated with the Germans ended up in the lions’ enclosure. Prisoners of another type were assigned the bear pit, the tiger cage, or the monkey house. As a witness would describe, ‘the prisoners remained sitting on piles of straw, looking through the bars.’

The United States in many ways has become a laughing stock – TRUMP

The United States is no longer a great power, but a country in decline, according to Newsmax, former US President Donald Trump made such a statement. According to him, over the past two years, America has ceased to be listened to and respected, and in many ways, it has become a laughing stock.
The US is no longer a great country, according to Newsmax, former US President Donald Trump said at a rally in Illinois. ‘This is no longer a great country,’ he told a crowd of his supporters.’ This is a country in decline, I am very sorry to tell you this.’

US-Occupied Germany’s Descent into the Abyss of Left-Wing Totalitarianism

Left-wing political violence appears to represent a greater threat in Germany than violence from the right, according to crime data from the country’s own interior ministry. Despite ludicrous claims from Germany’s left-wing Interior Minister Nancy Faeser that ‘right-wing extremism is the country’s biggest threat,’ new data from the country’s interior ministry points to the opposite conclusion.