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Europeans will become a minority in their own countries warns best-selling South African writer

Europeans don’t realize one day they will become a minority in their own countries, warns best-selling South African writer Ernst Roets in an interview with media. Then it will be too late. He says is surprised by how open Europeans are to mass immigration. He warns that the demographic consequences will be enormous, including Europeans becoming a minority in their own countries.

Target stores hit with bomb threats over LGBTQ move

The Target, an American retailer recently pulled a range of transgender-related products. Target stores in at least three US states have received bomb threats after management removed LGBTQ merchandise following a backlash from conservative shoppers. One message accused the retailer of being cowards who turned their back on the LGBT community.

Pro-life marches take 12 Croatian cities by storm, the largest turnout in the capital of Zagreb

You won’t see this on television news. The pro-life movement is growing in Croatia, writes Croatian journalist Goran Andrijanić, who currently lives in Poland. In the past few weeks, Marches for Life have been held in 12 Croatian cities, with these events designed to draw attention to the need for the protection of life from conception to natural death. The demonstrations were organized by several pro-life non-governmental organizations, with the largest one being ‘In the Name of the Family.’

Ukraine is in its death throes

MICHAEL WALSH SPECIAL REPORT: Whatever one’s political stance it is unpleasant to watch the death throes of a person or a nation. It is a time for somber reflection. I suspect that the post-mortem on Ukraine’s demise is already at the typesetters. Ukraine is in its death throes. The question arises, what if anything will rise from the ashes of a nation that before Washington’s coup in February 2014 was a stable and benign democracy?

The Suicide of Germany. Elderly plunge into poverty as the Berlin regime spends €36 billion on migrants in 2023 alone

Senior citizens are sent out to pasture as the German government welcomes its new generation of migrant workers. As Germany vows to continue spending heavily on its liberal migration policy – more than €36 billion in 2023 alone – an increasing number of the country’s senior citizens are reported to be at a growing risk of poverty.