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Whoa! This was not supposed to happen

Teachers in a Texas school were told last week that a new state law requiring them to present multiple perspectives about ‘widely debated and currently controversial’ issues, such as Critical Race Theory, means they needed to make ‘opposing’ views on the Holocaust available to students:

The Big Cover-Up about Quack Covid Vaccines

While politicians continue to stigmatise those not pseudo-vaccinated against Covid-19 as a source of danger, more and more fully vaccinated people are dying of or with corona. We have reached a stage where the harmful effects of the quack-vaccines are known. Now, we face the daunting task of exposing the criminal cover-up of what is proving to be a holocaust in which the bullets are syringes.

Managed Democracy set to Destroy Marine Le Pen

An important development in French politics is the presidential candidacy of Éric Zemmour, a Jewish conservative media figure. Zemmour is heavily promoted by state-sponsored media arguing for conservatism and patriotism. Zemmour is employed by RTL radio and newspaper Le Figaro. His book on conservatism ~ with a little help from his friends is No 1 on the Amazon best-seller list.

White Replacement is now openly promoted

In an opinion piece penned last week for the Financial Times, self-described ‘global citizen’ Parag Khanna claimed that the Visegrád countries, (Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia) which he falsely characterised as fiscally strained, should prepare for ‘demographic replenishment’ by Asians and Arabs to offset their aging populations.