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Spain’s Far Left is thrashed at the elections promising a Right-Wing Government from July

After the Spanish left’s crushing defeat in local elections, Pedro Sánchez called for snap elections on July 23. Spain, which has had Europe’s most radical leftist coalition government in recent years, is the latest EU country to shift to the right. Spaniards voted on Sunday, May 28 to elect their regional and municipal assemblies. The results that came out of the ballot boxes do not bode well for Pedro Sánchez’s governing coalition of socialists, far-left populists, and communists.

Washington’s Choice of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz faces tax fraud probe

The German chancellor will be investigated for allegedly helping a Jewish-owned bank hold onto millions of ill-gotten euros. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will be investigated by parliament for his alleged role in helping the Hamburg-based Warburg Bank avoid repaying $48 million in illegal tax refunds. Scholz has already been probed for his possible links to the affair, and as expected his party insists the latest investigation is politically-motivated.  

Le Pen tops French presidential poll

With Emmanuel Macron pushing deeply unpopular reforms, the veteran right-winger has pulled ahead. National Rally leader Marine Le Pen would comfortably defeat President Emmanuel Macron if France held a presidential election today, a poll published on Wednesday found. Macron is currently facing a torrent of public anger over his efforts to raise the retirement age for most French workers. 


Special Report: Identified by their preference for shaved heads and dress code the skinhead phenomena of the 1970s attracted some scorn from the more conventional types. The skinhead’s style of dress identified skinhead youngsters as being aligned with the patriotic White and Right.

A British Prime Minister and a Pakistani PM Complain about too many Whites

SCOTLAND’S Pakistani Prime Minister complains that too many top positions are occupied by White people.
It is predicted that the native British, certainly those of English stock will be a minority in their own country by the time today’s newly born reach their 35th birthday. I consider the downfall of Western man will come much quicker. Indeed, population replacement has already taken place in the great cities of England.