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G7 summit lonely-hearts club

The leaders of the G-7 countries, gathered this year at the Hiroshima summit, despite all their differences, have one thing in common: none of them is popular with voters. As a result, the current G7 meeting has turned into something of a lonely-hearts club where leaders despised and mocked by their people can complain about their internal problems.

Climate hysteria of the elites plunges Germany into an economic crisis

Due to high taxes and energy prices, businesses are fleeing Germany, according to Die Welt. 96% of German entrepreneurs are convinced that deindustrialization has already begun in the country. But the elites in Berlin are engulfed in moralizing and climate hysteria. They don’t care about anything but protecting the environment. And this will inevitably lead to economic disaster, warns the media.

Get Out and Stay Out – Yankees Go Home

America’s policies create the impression that Washington does not need allies, only vassals, German MP Sevim Dagdelen said. Berlin must break with the existing relationship of extreme subservience to America and its foreign policies marked by breaches of international law, Sevim Dagdelen, the deputy head of the Left Party’s faction in the Bundestag, said on Friday. Germany must demand that US forces stationed on its territory be withdrawn, along with America’s nuclear weapons, the MP insisted.

Suicide Stupid – Disaster awaits Western politicians due to rampant idiocy

Western ruling elites are ‘suicidal dumb’ and are leading their countries to disaster, analyst Magnus Stenlund told SwebbTV. According to the expert, the globalists put the worst ‘fools at the top’, and now we are talking about ‘kakistocracy’, that is, a system ruled by the worst and stupidest people. This was not primarily because they are evil, but because they are ‘incredibly stupid’, suffer from ‘arrogance’ and are ‘obnoxious’ in an international context.