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Excuse me, van den Leyen, you forgot something

The EU is now in full swing discussing how to abandon Russian oil and gas, according to N-TV. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen insists that this must be done ‘as soon as possible’. But out of forgetfulness or intentionally, European politicians are silent about the supply of other Russian raw materials, namely enriched uranium, which, against the backdrop of all the latest discussions, has found itself in a kind of ‘blind zone’. 

Western Powers isolated as Latin America backs Russia

In Latin America, a region of untold wealth in natural resources, events in Ukraine are perceived in a completely different way than in most Western countries, ZDF notes. As the German TV channel explains, Brazil lays responsibility for the hostilities not only on Russia, but also on Kyiv, Argentina accuses the Western powers of double standards, and Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua see Moscow as a military force protecting them and stand firmly on its side.

Sanctions against Russia provoke a global crisis

The head of state recalled the difficult external conditions, this is sanctions pressure and the overall situation on world markets. He stressed that the authors of the sanctions, ‘guided by short-sighted, inflated political ambitions, Russophobia, to a greater extent, hit their own national interests.’ In addition, they deal a blow to their own economies, and to the well-being of their citizens.

Sanctions! What Sanctions, asks Russia

SPECIAL INSIDER REPORT: Despite the sanctions imposed against Russia, life in Moscow, population 12 million, continues as if nothing had happened, reports BFM TV correspondent Cedric Fash. As the journalist demonstrates, the stalls in the Russian capital are still filled with foreign goods, and the restaurants are filled with visitors. Moreover, compared with the situation a month ago, the situation has improved, the reporter states.

American arrested for posting stickers accusing Biden of rising prices

In Pennsylvania, situated in the Land of the Free, police have arrested American Thomas Richard Glazewski for putting up satirical stickers with the face of Joe Biden at gas stations, accusing him of rising fuel prices, writes Fox News. As the channel notes, against the backdrop of rising oil prices, stickers with a similar message have become extremely popular in the United States.