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Anthrax in the underbelly of Russia: why the US is funding research in Kyrgyzstan on one of the most dangerous diseases

The US Department of Health plans to fund anthrax research in Kyrgyzstan. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) representing the US Department of Health will allocate about a quarter of a million dollars for research on a specific antitoxin. As follows from the tender posted on the US government procurement portal, the regional hospital in the city of Osh in the south of the republic should become the base for the test.

Funeral home owner in the US pleads guilty to body parts for cash scheme

The director of a Colorado funeral home stole the bodies and body parts of the deceased and resold them. Sunset Mesa Funeral Home operator Megan Hess has confessed to stealing hundreds of bodies and body parts and reselling them to individuals and companies that purchased them for scientific, medical and educational purposes, according to a plea agreement filed on Tuesday.