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He said this and didn’t even blink while saying it

The hypocrisy of the NATO West is truly breathtaking. ‘The main goal of NATO is to prevent the spread of the conflict in Ukraine to other countries,’ NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with Die Welt. Stoltenberg stressed that NATO is not a party to the conflict and does not send its units to Ukraine.

Irish Member of the European Parliament ridicules Anti-Russian Sanctions

Western sanctions do not contribute to the end of the conflict in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by Member of the European Parliament Claire Daly in an interview with Global Times. Moreover, she said, the restrictions against Moscow are actually hurting the bloc’s economy and potentially leaving millions of its citizens out of work.
CLAIRE DALEY, Irish MEP: I never thought NATO was there to protect peace and security in Europe. And if people thought that was his goal, then he certainly never succeeded in achieving it. I guess he was the other side of the Cold War.

Now who would have Guessed that Washington is the Main Instigator of Worldwide Conflict

The collective West, led by the United States, has acted as the main instigator of the Ukrainian conflict, American analyst Daniel Patrick Welch writes in his article for Press TV. According to him, those numerous countries that have suffered from Washington’s policies now ardently support Moscow in its opposition to ‘the undoubted bully and sponsor of terrorism on the planet.’