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A 76-year-old Chinese grandmother who travels the world on her faithful ‘iron horse’ has become a symbol of freedom from the concept of the act your age.

Huangyan Zhen was born in Fujian in 1944. She now lives in Xiamen with her adult children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Keeping up appearances, in January 2016, she won a local beauty contest. As a consequence, the attractive grandmother was invited to an award ceremony as ‘China’s most fashionable grandmother’. Since then, she believed that age in itself means nothing and that everyone has the right to dream and strive for the best.

When the Qinghai-Tibet railway branch was built in the 1980s, this incredible woman had a cherished ambition – to see the beauty of ancient and wild Tibet with her own eyes.

But it was impossible at the time as she had to work hard at a Xianmin metal plant to support her children. Later, her cherished dreams were pushed to the background by poor health. So, it seemed that her dreams would never become more than fantasies that would remain forever in the imagination.

However, winning the beauty contest gave Huangyan Zhen self-confidence. She told the children about her old dream, and they decided to help her realize it. However, we were talking about a train trip to Tibet. When Huangyan Zhen stated that she wanted to go there alone and, on a motorcycle, they were horrified.

After a hip injury in 2015, doctors banned the woman from even riding a bicycle, and she dreamed of riding a Harley. But Huangyan Zhen was adamant in the pursuit of her own freedom.

However, since 2016, grandma has been travelling the world on a true ‘iron horse’. She got what she wanted when she bought a bike, quickly learned how to ride it, and now even the young envy her panache whilst in the saddle.

The first desired point on the map was, of course, Tibet. Once there, Juan climbed mountains, walked in the desert, and rode camels. She described all this in a blog, which was followed and continues to be followed by millions of people around the world.

Here are the words from her blog: ‘everyone says that after 70 a woman should stay at home, dress in a baggy rag and not dream about the future anymore. But at any time, a woman is a woman who can and should remain elegant, attractive, and free of stereotypes. And it’s never too late to dream of the most incredible. As long as you pursue beauty, it will surely be with you.’

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