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Protests grow bigger after president vows to Piss Off Covid Vax Sceptics

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Even pro-government mainstream media concedes President Macron’s words may have backfired after massive crowds took to the streets of France promising to piss him off instead.

At least 200,000 people including those embittered by being coerced to take the experimental vaccine took to the streets of France in protest against repression and mandates, after President Macron promised to make the lives of the unvaccinated increasingly hard until they accept the jab.

The huge crowds on Saturday were roughly eight times larger than back on December 18. The protesters opposed, among other things, a nearly implemented government strategy to make QR passports mandatory to use public transport, eat at restaurants, and attend events.

France’s deeply unpopular National Assembly passed a bill this week which, if approved by the Senate, would introduce so-called ‘vaccine passes’ to replace the existing ‘health passes.’ Under the current rules, a negative PCR or antigen test gives access to a pass that is valid for 24 hours.


A vaccine pass, however, would only be issued to those who have recently recovered or been fully jabbed with a substance that has admittedly lethal consequences.

The crowds in Paris took place with protesters heard chanting ‘We’ll piss you off!’ in reference to Macron’s controversial comments.

Ten protesters were arrested and three police officers were injured in scuffles in the capital. At least another two-dozen people were reportedly detained at numerous protests across other French cities.

During an interview with Le Parisien on Tuesday, Macron said, ’I am not about pissing off the French people. But as for the non-vaccinated, I really want to piss them off.’ You can share this story on social media.

Something to think about

QR Passport. A photo is taken of a teenager’s Smartphone during a flight. She says she is coming home early. She has tested positive for Covid but has her QR Passport so no problems. 

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  1. After WW1 the french were and are a joke. They ran so fast in 1940 the Germans couldn’t keep up with them. Now they riot and get beaten up by their own police.


  2. @Black Pete:

    To be fair, they lost about 1/4th of the French youth (French fighting age) in WWI and were really in no shape to want to fight again. Unfortunately after WWI, they were no longer the men like Martel or Napoleon were.

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    • In fairness, it was the French who fought on while 336,000 Brits tossed aside their weapons and fled to the coast and Blighty (England. In 1944 the same Brits returned to devastated France (RAF/USAF) and carried on plundering, raping, setting up POW camps, starving both POWS and civilians: the rest is history but not the victors’ version of it. ,


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