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When and where will the Revolution Start

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MICHAEL WALSH OP-ED: Someone recently asked, ‘when and where is the revolution to start.’ It reminded me of the Japanese WWII fugitive who emerged from the Burmese jungle during the 1960s. ‘Is the war over yet,’ he plaintively asked.

The parasite class (political elite) are engaged in a revolutionary war against their peoples with the aim of controlling their people (1984). In any conflict, the Press office, radio and TV stations are the first to be raided and seized.

It has already happened. Mainstream media has been captured by anti-people corporations. Genuine and experienced journalists are in high-security prisons, in exile or replaced by tamed pseudo-journalists. Editorial and news desks, staff reporters and columnists are the ‘soldiers of communication.’ Not my words but the words used by a mainstream journalist.

A delegate at an international journalist seminar reminded the audience that ‘the internet and digital media are the battlefields of the 21st Century.’ ~ Media is ‘the keyboard government plays on.

Read the warmongering inflammatory ‘news stories’ in the Press and broadcasting medium then reflect on the words of journalist Abigail Martin: ‘For my entire life I have seen corporate media sell us war after war. Always telling us who our enemies are, which countries need saving and which governments need to be overthrown. And every single time it turns out they lied.’

Silicon Valley and corporate tech giants are openly at war against the people. Every day, political heavyweights including former national leaders are de-platformed. Special interest groups and once influential individuals with hundreds of thousands of followers are suicided. The major social media networks removed, blocked and censored are hundreds of millions of accounts, memes and messages.

Our ‘new unhappy lords’ like George Soros control the intake of the education departments, Press corporations, and their minders lobby government. The Non-Government Organisations (as in Ukraine, Kazak, Syria, etc) subvert and cause regime change. At home, they finance revolutionaries whilst defunding the police and appointing heads of the judiciary.

While you slept through the revolution your entertainment industry was taken prisoner. My preferred choice of listening is classical music. This unique culture is 99 per cent European. Whilst Classic FM focuses on classical music the performances are almost exclusively those of non-European musicians. European presenters are being replaced by non-European pundits. Much the same can be said of movies and TV and Press advertising. Do you think that is an accident?  


Amazon de-platformed hundreds of politically incorrect history books. The giant e-retailer is now promoting books published by fake authors that urge insurrection. And, through a network of agents, Amazon continues to sell and profit from book titles of writers who they earlier de-platformed.

At the top of government, the Church, defence departments, judiciary, press and police, financial and sexual corruption is so commonplace that no one bothers to question it. As in any primitive society where witchcraft (pharmaceutic corruption), cronyism (politics) and corruption (banks and judiciary) go unquestioned these evils are today shrugged off as the new normal.

Waves after waves of penniless Third World migrants are openly encouraged by Western regimes and corporate media to replace indigenous peoples.

‘We are going through a great derangement. People are behaving in ways that are increasingly irrational, feverish, herd-like and simply unpleasant. ‘Europe today has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself, or even take its own side in an argument. By the end of the lifespan of most people alive, Europe will not be Europe and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place in the world we had to call home.’ ~ Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe.

Big Pharma, assisted and urged on by a pharma-profiteering elite openly state the intention to reduce the population by 80 per cent. As a consequence, the current loss of ‘vaccinated’ life is on a par with the losses during the great battles of the two world wars. As in most wars, the casualty figures are hidden by corporate media and deleted by the social media giants.

The World Economic Forum openly states its purpose is to bring about a revolution in which ownership and control are entrusted solely to an unelected selected elite. ‘You will have nothing and you will be happy.’

The leading question: When and where will the Revolution Start? Start? It is nearly over. What did you do in the Great War, Daddy? 



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