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Get woke, go broke as PayPal deletes its conservative Cash-Cow Subscribers

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PayPal, notorious for aggressively de-platforming and demonetizing all voices with which the woke liberal cancel-culture brigade disagrees, crashed the most on record on Tuesday morning one day after it reported dismal trading results.

Seriously on the ropes, PayPal slashed guidance and predictions and issued a warning that it will no longer reach its long-term goal of 750 million active accounts by 2025, abandoning a goal that contributed to a jump in spending last year on sales campaigns.

The payments giant which was the original source of Elon Musk’s wealth lowered its forecast for new customers after claiming that ‘bad actors’ were taking advantage of its incentives and rewards programs, and is also overhauling its marketing strategy as a result.

PayPal last year began offering its first-ever sign-up incentives, handing out as much as $10 to encourage new customers to open an account. But the firm’s risk-management team, which apparently is made up of left-wing educated 19-year-olds who could never anticipate such an outcome, discovered that many of the accounts were being created by bot farms. (non-human actors).

PayPal immediately began closing those accounts and is attempting to recoup the incentives from those abusive customers, a company spokesman said.

‘We regularly assess our active account base to ensure the accounts are legitimate,’ CFO John Rainey said during a Tuesday conference call with analysts after the company released fourth-quarter results which missed across the board.

‘This is particularly important during incentive campaigns that can be targets for bad actors.’

Bad actors, of course, is what you or Facebook blame when you blow up your entire business model after demonetising millions of people whose only transgression is disagreeing with you. The problem, which apparently the company was not aware of until just now, was disclosed along with an earnings report that fell well short of Wall Street estimates, sending the shares plunging.

PayPal said it will refocus its marketing efforts on increasing usage of its products among active customers. The company said low-income customers are spending less as they struggle to keep up with rising prices amid the highest levels of U.S. inflation in decades. 



The abrupt shift in marketing strategies was a ‘shocker,’ Lisa Ellis, an analyst at Moffett Nathanson, said in a note to clients. ‘You can officially add PayPal to your list of pandemic high-fliers that are experiencing a quite-bumpy landing.’ Yes, you could say that: The company’s stock plunged 25%, its biggest drop on record. Meantime, Facebook’s newborn META has proved to be a disaster and has had $200 billion wiped off its shares. Source


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