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Britain’s oldest pub closes after 1,229 years of operation

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It has survived wars, epidemics and the financial crisis, but has not survived the Press driven money bonanza that has driven turned millionaires into billionaires across the ruling classes.

Britain’s oldest pub, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, has closed its doors after 1,229 years of operation. This was announced by the owner of the establishment Hristo Tofalli on his Facebook page.

The pub, which opened back in 793 in the city of St Albans near London, has survived many wars, epidemics, financial crises and other fatal events, but failed to cope with a pandemic as fake as is much else in the modern form of governance

According to the pub’s landlord, even before the pandemic, the pub was not very profitable, but it did at least somehow kept afloat. And the economic crisis and lockdowns completely put an end to the business.


In his message, the owner of the pub noted that he was heartbroken both because of the tragic end of the historic pub, and because of the fate of his employees, who over the years have become almost one family. He added that, despite the closure, the Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub has already written its name in the history of the country.

Perhaps Jeff Bezos and others who became trillionaires thanks to what has been dubbed worldwide as a ‘scamdemic’ will have Ye Olde Fighting Cocks dismantled and shipped to a remote ‘paradise island’ in the Bahamas. There they can relax in the bar and lounge and for the first time in their miserable lives know what real tranquillity and relaxation are. Source 1, Source 2

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